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    One of the most popular and fundamental tools required by almost every auto and truck repair shop is the standard transmission jack. These powerful, multi-task lifting systems are versatile and essential for a wide range of different repair and servicing jobs. Unlike a conventional hydraulic floor jack or bumper jack which raises a vehicle using either the chassis, or the axles, a transmission jack is positioned centrally under the vehicle and lifts the transmission via a lifting platform attached to the transmission jack lift frame.

    If you've Trans-Jack-Under-Truck.jpgever replaced a major component on a lifted automobile or truck, then you know how essential a reliable transmission jack can be. Ranger's outstanding selection of beefy transmission jacks is perfectly suited for holding and rolling just about any drive-train component in existence. Our transmission jacks have it all: heavy-duty chain anchors, overload safety systems, adjustable / sliding saddles, different pumping options, durable steel construction, alloy plated rams and holding capacities ranging from 660 lbs. to 3,000 lbs.

      Capacity Lowered height Raised height Overall width
     RTJ-1100 1,100 lbs. 45" 72" 24"
     RTJ-1 2,000 lbs. 37" 73" 39"
     RTJ-3000 3,000 lbs. 37" 7​1-1/2" 40"

    Trans-Jack-2.jpgTypically, when removing a transmission, differential, or gear box from a vehicle, it begins with the automobile or truck elevated on a two-post or four-post car lift or truck lift. The transmission jack is then positioned centrally beneath the vehicles transmission and raised slightly until the transmission jack lifting platform comes in contact with the flat surface of the transmission. After determining the transmission jack is centrally positioned and properly stable, it is then raised further to elevate the entire weight of the transmission so that it can be safely removed from the engine block. Once elevated, the hydraulic transmission jack can be raised further to allow adequate removal clearance. Prior to removal, it is important to secure the transmission to the lifting platform via straps or chains that are typically included with each transmission jack.

    There are several different styles and models of transmission jacks, and although their purpose may be the same, their method of lifting may differ. Another possibility is their lifting capacities and cradles may be better suited to accommodate different kinds of vehicles or applications. Most passenger cars have fairly liTransJack-Head.jpgghtweight transmissions that can be handled effectively by a transmission jack with a lifting capacity from 500 to 1,100 pounds. Models like the Ranger RTJ-660 transmission jack or RTJ-1100 transmission jack are perfectly suited for tasks like this--ideal blends of affordability and durability. They feature fully-adjustable / sliding saddles and are easily mobile by a single mechanic. Heavy-duty construction means their tough enough to handle the workload of busy shop environment. For applications weighing well over 1,000 pounds, RTJ-1100 Transmission Jack also features a space-saver 24-inch base and convenient foot operated pump.

    Jack-Under-Car.jpgWhen working on larger vehicle such as utility and fleet trucks, you’ll need to choose a transmission jack with a higher lift capacity, typically 2,000 – 3,000 pounds. Heavy duty transmission jacks are designed to be completely stable when handling heavier assemblies and are easy to maneuver when in use to ensure that large component removal is as effortless as possible. Heavy-duty models like the Ranger TransJak™ or the Ranger RTJ-3000 transmission jacks are better suited for tackling the large stuff but still convenient and mobile enough to service small automobiles as well.

    As the makers of the original, highly-praised 1,000-lb. capacity TransJak® transmission jack, Ranger continues to bring you the very best in transmission jacking equipment.  For almost two decades the Ranger TransJak has earned a reputation of Best-in-Class for service professionals worldwide. The TransJak features a fully-adjustable / sliding saddle that adapts to just about any passengerTrans-Jack-Logo.jpg car and light truck transmission and its heavy-duty construction, high lifting capacity and convenient chain anchors and fail-safe overload system mean it will outlast just about every tool in your shop.

    Trans-Jack-Component-Out.jpgApart from the lifting capacity of a transmission jack, other considerations are whether you require a high or low profile jack. The most popular style of transmission jack is the vertical style that features an upright lifting cylinder attached to a mobile multi-caster platform. Less popular low-profile transmission jacks are best suited for workshops that have no car lift or truck lift to raise the vehicle in the air. In this case, low profile floor-typeLow-Profile-Trans-Jack.jpg transmission jacks are preferred. But when any other transmission jack just won’t do the job, remember the best and only choice is the heavy-duty RTJ-3000 Transmission Jack. Boasting an impressive 1-1/2 ton holding capacity, this transmission jack takes truck and van component swapping duties in stride.

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