• Spring Rewind Hose Reel and 50’ / 300 psi Hose
    • Dual Support, Spring Rewind Hose Reel and Super-Duty, 50’ / 2,250 psi Hose

    Hose Reels

    It doesn't matter if it's water, air or oil; your garage needs a rugged, high-capacity hose and reel combination to reliably deliver essential resources and materials to your automotive projects. That's why we built Ranger Spring-Driven Hose Reels to be some of the best in the business. Ranger Hoses run between 33" and 50" long and can handle between 300 psi and an astounding 2,250 psi, depending on the model of your choice. Plus, with the spring mechanisms inside the Ranger Spring-Driven Hose Reels, you can always depend on our hoses to clean up after themselves.

      Air pressure Hose length Fittings Shipping weight
     RH-50SL 300 psi 50' 3/8" 50 lbs.
     RH-50PM 2,250 psi 50' 3/8" 57 lbs.

    Ranger spring-driven hose reels incorporate robust construction, virtually indestructible materials and superior design. We've specially designed our spring-driven hose reel systems to keep your hoses pumping when you need them and then your work space clear of long, intrusive hoses when you're done. That's the beauty of the Ranger hose storage system. Easily unwrap one of our super-duty hoses and put it to work pumping air, water or oil. The Ranger reel rewind itself all back into a nice neat bundle. Ranger hose reels are just one more way that Ranger makes your life in the garage a whole lot easier.

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