Richard Rawlings is the undisputed king of automotive flips and televised garage magic tricks. He’s built a reputation as an investor and consummate sales pro. And we’re happy because we get to see a BendPak car lift in every one of these new “rehabbed” garages.

Fast n’ Loud reinvented car shows by broadening its appeal to more than just typical “car guys.” It’s a family friendly program that doesn’t get too technical about car stuff. Instead, the personalities drive the interest. We’ve practically had a car lift in a Rawlings shop as far back as we can remember him being on the air.

Garage Rehab puts a twist on the car show format. Rather than bring cars into his shop, get them up on a car lift and film the rebuild, Richard goes to “failing” or struggling auto shops, invests his own money in their revival in exchange for a stake in the business, and his team gets to work. At least one BendPak car lift will be found in each and every fixed up shop. It’s Richard’s way of ensuring his projects receive the best attention and the best equipment in the industry (if we do say so ourselves).

Since this is a Rawlings production, expect to see more than just cars. He likes to work with strong personalities, and his two co-hosts, Russell and Chris, aren’t ones to mince words. They work under Richard, but with only one week for each project, we expect tensions to run high. Of course, we predict the end result will always be worth it the effort, one way or another.

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