• Optional Air / Electric Workstation
    • Steel Pads / Set of 4
    • Adjustable Screw Lift Pads With Receiver
    • For BendPak Car Lifts
    • Rubber Lift Pad - Slip Over
    • Full-Length Middle Deck Platform / Diamond Plate
    • (Set of 2) Polypropylene Drip Trays for Four-Post Car Lifts
    • Rubber Lift Pad - Drop In
    • Two-Post Lift Contact Pads
    • Set of 4
    • Mobile High-Lift Jack Stand
    • LR-4A Optional Arm Kit – 4 Arms
    • 3,000-lb. Capacity Sliding Jack Platform for Runway Lifts
    • Offset Adapters for Two-Post Car Lifts
    • 6,000-lb. Capacity Sliding Jack Platform for Runway Lifts
    • 15-Gallon Rolling Drain Pan for Four-Post Lifts
    • Portable Wheel Kit for HD-9 Series
    • For RJ-45 Four-Post Bridge Jacks
    • Integrated Rolling Bridge Airline Kit
    • Four-Post Car Lift Aluminum Approach Ramps
    • Large 3” Die Package – Optional
    • Small 3” Die Package – Optional
    • Card System Complete with Rotation Dial / Computer CD
    • Anti-Vibration Pads
    • Roll-Back Bar Kit for Alignment Lifts

    Deck out your car lift with the latest accessories from BendPak. It's all in the details.

     WSA-100 Air / Electric Work Station
     Steel Pads Steel Lift Pads - Set of Four
     Screw Pad Screw Pads - Each Sold Separately
     Rubber Pads Rubber Lift Pad - Slip Over
     Frame Cradle Frame Cradle Pads - Set of Four
     MLS-18 18,000 lb. Capacity Mobile Jack Stand
     LR-4A LR-4A Arm Kit Fits - LR-60, LR-60P, P-6, P-6F
     JP-3 Fixed Sliding Jack Tray
     JP-6 6,000 lb. Capacity Telescoping Jack Platform
     DP-30 18 Gallon Rolling Drain Pan For 4-Post Lifts
     Caster Kit Portable Wheel Kit For HD-9 Series
     AK-14 Integrated Rolling Bridge Airline Kit
     Aluminum Deck Full-Length Middle Deck Platform / Diamond Plate
     300-1 Large 3" Die Package - Purchased with Bender
     300-2 Small 3" Die Package - Purchased with Bender
     CS-1 Card System with Rotation Dial - Computer CD
     Anti Vibration Anti-Vibration Pads - Set of Four
     Moisture Minder® Timed drain valve w/ball valve & strainer 110-VAC
     Moisture Minder® Install Kit Moisture Minder® Installation Kit
     Receiver Tank 120-Gallon Vertical Air Receiver Tank
     Air Bottle
    9" Under-Ramp Compressed Air Solution
     Drip Trays Polypropylene trays with 56 articulated catches
     Offset Adapters Offset design makes OEM lift point position easier than ever
     Drop-In Pads Thick rubber, extra strong grip
    Polyurethane contact pads for 2-Post Car Lifts
     Roll-back Kit Designed bars act as a bridge between ramp and turn plates
     RJ-45 Specialty Adapter Kit Four-piece adapter kit for RJ-45 four-post lift bridge jacks

    Car lift accessories
    Whether it's specialty lifting pad for a specific lifting project or a set of casters for lift mobility, we've got you covered. Even if you're finding that more and more of your business is coming from low-profile cars, we manufacture an arm adapter to lift them straight from the floor. Whatever your situation is, we've got just the thing to fully customize your two-post, four-post, parking, wheel alignment or specialty lift.

    Pipe bender accessories
    A top-notch BendPak Pipe Bender is a fantastic asset to any fabrication environment, but it's still only as good as the tooling options you choose. That's why we use only the strongest materials to ensure that BendPak dies never crack or break. They may look like ordinary dies, but these heavy handfuls are something exceedingly special. BendPak uses an exclusive relief cut design on our bending dies to help maintain the pipe's uniformity throughout the bend cycle and eliminate excessive crimping or deformation. Plus, with our 180° bending dies, you'll get perfect deep bends on a 5" without having to worry about sticking or hang ups.

    We're also proud to offer an exhaustive BendData card system to guide you step-by-step when fabricating original equipment exhaust and tailpipes. This incredible system has information on domestic and light trucks as far back as 1965, so you'll know the exact specifications you're bending for.

    Air compressor accessories
    BendPak's useful compressor accessories help you extend the utility and longevity of your air compressor. For TRI-MAX™ Air Compressors, check out our anti-vibration pads, Moisture Minder® and Moisture Minder® installation kit. Or, if you're the proud owner of a BendPak LS15RS Rotary Screw Air Compressor, consider an incredible 120-gallon capacity Manchester receiver tank. With it, the air can keep coming—even when the compressor isn't running!

    Use the handy slider at the top of the page to browse and compare our full offering of BendPak accessories, or click on another product section using the navigation bar to see something completely different.

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