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  • Floor Jack
    Floor Jacks
    Our impressive line of floor jacks was carefully designed to accommodate a wide spectrum of jacking needs.
  • Ryan Friedlinghaus of West Coast Customs
    Ryan Friedlinghaus
    Ryan Friedlinghaus founded West Coast Customs with only $5,000 and a dream in 1993. Now a world-famous enterprise, the business still rides high on BendPak.
  • Jesse James of West Coast Choppers
    Jesse James
    It isn’t easy to earn the trust of a man like Jesse James, but BendPak lifts are one of the few things he puts his faith in without reservation.
  • Certified Service Program
    Certified Service Program
    Never say, "Now What?" again. BendPak Certified Service™ is your first and final step towards making it right.
  • Oil Filter Crushers
    Oil Filter Crusher
    The Ranger RP-20FC oil filter crusher provides the perfect solution for getting rid of used oil filters.
  • Motor City Motors Detroit
    Motor City Motors
    The Detroit Bros. are renowned for creating some of the most inventive vehicles ever. BendPak provides the backbone for their automotive projects.
  • Automotive Lift Institute
    Certified Lifts
    The gold ALI / ETL certification is the only recognized standard for automotive lifts, and we're proud to be a part of it.
  • PM 100 Winner
    PM100 Award
    In 2010, Managing Automation Magazine honored BendPak with the prestigious Progressive Manufacturing 100 Award.
  • BendPak Four-Post HDS-Series Car Lifts
    4-Post Car Lifts
    BendPak's all-new HDS-Series four-post car lifts raise the bar again for power, convenience and longevity.
  • Boyd Coddington of American Hot Rod
    Boyd Coddington
    Boyd Coddington's artistry and influence will never be forgotten. We're honored that he chose BendPak lifts to assist him throughout his amazing career.
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For the best car lifts, exhaust pipe benders and air compressors, bet on BendPak's tradition of manufacturing excellence. 45 years of designing, engineering and manufacturing automotive service solutions has given us unprecedented insight and we build that experience into every car lift that BendPak ships. Nothing outperforms true-blue BendPak service products because only we engineer equipment that is both safe and lasts a lifetime or longer.

BendPak tubing benders have been fabricating exhaust systems around the world for decades, and our air compressors provide not only air, but also the durability and longevity that distinguish the BendPak brand from the rest. However, most service professionals know BendPak for being one thing above all else: a global leader in hoist design for everything from alignment lifts and parking lifts to fleet maintenance lifts and car lift accessories. Whether you call them vehicle hoists, car hoists, garage lifts, auto lifts, or something else entirely, BendPak is the authority on cutting-edge design, advanced features and extra safety measures.

The BendPak logo stands for the promise of product superiority and world-class support. Year after year, BendPak two-post, four-post and mid-rise specialty car hoists consistently deliver on that promise. When you flip on the light in your shop and see a BendPak auto hoist, whether it’s tomorrow or in another 50 years, we want you to feel like you have the best car lift in the world.


BendPak's Ranger Products division offers your garage or shop an extremely diverse array of outstanding equipment to suit every need. At Ranger, we make sure that all of our garage products live up to the same high standards as BendPak car hoists and equipment. Ranger tire changers are a perfect blend of convenient features and exceptional engineering, priced for any shop’s budget. And we've spent a decade pioneering and refining Ranger wheel balancer direct axis drive systems, giving users the power of perfect precision.

All Ranger equipment, from floor jacks and toolboxes to oil filter can crushers and motorcycle lifts; share in the legacy of garage equipment done right. Whether you need wheel service equipment like the best tire machines,  brake latheswheel balancers and wheel alignment systems; workshop equipment like workbenches, oil drains and toolboxes; lifting solutions such as our wide array of floor jacks, jack stands and bike and quad lifts; or even industrial-grade parts washers that blast the dirt off of just about any part or component, Ranger is the first name in quality garage gear.

Any equipment that your shop needs can be found beneath the Ranger Products banner. Why waste your precious time and money with multiple garage product providers? Make Ranger your single-source for shop equipment to see how much better garage life can be. 


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